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Publisher books of Malgorzata D. Klaczynska:

Unprecedented sensitivity and wisdom, visual artist, advertising specialist,
M.D. Klaczynska’s books illustrator – Agnieszka Pajak:
tel: 0048 514546326

Graphic designer, artist and wonderful human, designer of this website - Moniek Bongers:
tel: 0031 619415811

Outstanding, innovative physiotherapist from Swidnica [Poland] – Grzegorz Kudelski.
Although he gave his hearth to small, children patients, he is also finding time for the older ones. Thanks to his knowledge, which seems to have no boundaries and unprecedented nowadays enthusiasm he effectively helps people in Poland and also (using Skype) overseas.
tel: 0048 721155357

Libratus – it is one of the best gifts given to all Polish living abroad. And, it is truly a gift, as a pleasure of using it is free of charge. Polish Internet Schools Libratus using the latest technologies and internet familiarize kids with everything what is Polish: language, culture, tradition, geography, history and even polish mentality. A team of highly qualified teachers is watching over substantive side of this wonderful project. And it works?! And how! Polish child brought up abroad and educated additionally with Libratus is bilingual or trilingual, fully aware of its roots, deprived origin complexes, proud of being Polish.
Certificates of polish Ministry of National Education (MEN) proof that young children and teenagers form Libratus schools completed regular education. Exactly the same one as their Polish colleagues.

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